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I had backpains due to poor posture while sitting at work all day, so I went to see Dimitri, he was extremely professional and courteous.
He took the time to pinpoint the muscles damaged so he can propose the correct treatment plan. The exercises he recommended were extremely helpful and improved my condition by about 90%. If you have back issues, I highly recommend Dimitri.


I was reluctant to see a physio therapist at first due to the thought of pricey and lengthy but I had to see one for the first time because of my painful arms and shoulders for almost a year now. Surprisingly, my feet lead me to the best Physio. I became the patient of the great and dedicated Nguyen, Duc. I really felt relief on my meeting. That's when I knew no doubt that I came to the right place. Given right diagnostic plus effective exercises or treatments equals fast recovery. In just a month (5 meetings) I was finally pain free. Amazing results. I'm very grateful and lucky to have known from google Expertise Physio and the great staffs who are very dedicated professionals, very flexible and very friendly. . . More power to you guys. Thank you very much.

Imelda Sandaga
Commonwealth Home Fashions --- sewing machine operator

Je remercie mon psysio M Duc Nguyen,
très patient, courtois , attentif au besoin
de chaque client,il m’a fait un programme personnalisé pour renforcer les muscles de mes épaules et
de mon dos. Ça m’aide à améliorer ma
posture et à diminuer la douleur.
Très bon suivi et très bon service pour
la prise de rendez-vous, moi je suis très
satisfaite d’ avoir consulter expertise psysio à mtl.

Nathalie Poirier
Professionnel de la santé

J’ai apprécié le professionnalisme de Mr. Nguyen. Je le recommande fortement.


J'ai adoré l'approche, la compréhension et la compétence de votre équipe vos bon soins que j'ai reçu vont m'aider énormément à continuer dans mon travail et mon quotidien j'vous adore vous former une super équipe et grâce à votre merveilleux sourire j'ai rester positive jusqu'à la fin merci milles fois à vous tous xxx


Linda V.
Préposée aux bénéficiaires

Instead of temporarily relieving the pain, Dimitri worked on finding the root cause as well as the right exercise that will help remove it completely. It took a few sessions but I now have a better posture while working, walking and sitting - all of which prevent the pain from returning.

He also evaluated my gym workout program and adjusted it according to my needs.

The goal is to not have to visit a massotherapist or an osteopath every so often if the issue is treated at it's root.

Definitely recommended!



Les exercices de physiothérapie recommandés par M. Duc Nguyen m’ont aidé à surmonter mes douleurs à l’épaule et tout au long de la main gauche; j’ai aussi beaucoup apprécié la rapidité et la pertinence du diagnostic qu’il avait posé.
Les prix sont abordables et la logistique est bien mise en place.
Je recommande fortement cette clinique à ceux/celles qui souffrent des douleurs musculaires ou articulaires!

Serban P.

Dimitri took time assessing issues that I had with my back, shoulder and wrist. He demonstrated his skills by methodically running through various stretches in order to isolate the root cause of the issues I had. From there Dimitri gradually helped me put together a routine of stretching that over time has helped me start the healing process. I know that without Dimitri ‘s help I would not be o the road towards feeling better.


As a music student, I definitely recommend Get Fit Physio. I had wrist pain that made it very difficult for me to play the bass guitar. With the help of Duc, I reduced most of my pain within a couple of days after we found the right exercise for me. I was able to play again and I didn't have to worry about cancelling my classes. And the pain... gone!


I went to Get Fit Physio because I was having problems with lower back and sciatic nerve, neck aches and sore wrists. A co-worker who had suffered serious injuries from a biking accident which were worsened at work, recommended this clinic and specifically the McKenzie method; which she swore by. I was evaluated by Dimitri and am being regularly seen by Duc; I only have praise for their professionalism. The exercises they have me doing make a world of difference in reducing daily pain and preventing pain; I always feel better after having my session. Duc is very knowledgeable and always explains what he is doing. I love the flexibility this clinic offers; I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring a good physiotherapist. Thank you Duc and Dimitri for work done with sincere care and passion.

Julia Fong
Administrative Assistant at CMHC


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