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Our Team

Youri Laplante –
El Haïli

Physiotherapist, B.Sc.Anat, M.Sc.Biomed, M.Sc PT, Cert. McKenzie-MDT, Cert. MAC Network

Locations: St-Lambert clinic and online

Speaks: English, French, Spanish

Before obtaining his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at McGill University, Youri was equipped with a robust scientific training through his completing a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at Université de Montréal. After many years spent in a research laboratory, it was clear that his dynamism, empathy and contagious smile needed to be put to better use, in a clinical setting. These are the qualities that make him an excellent physiotherapist, dedicated to his patient’s well-being. 

Youri discovered the impressive results offered by the McKenzie method during his university training. Today, after having completed the courses given by the McKenzie Institute and successfully passed the certification examination, Youri is proud to make a considerable difference in the life of people suffering from orthopedic conditions by promoting their independence and their ability to treat themselves. Like many satisfied patients, choose Youri and Expertise Physio and you will be in good hands. 

Youri spends his free time training, biking, and playing soccer and taking care of his dog. He also has a marked interest in psychology, philosophy, cooking and travelling.

Zhen Chen

Physiotherapist, B.Sc.PT, M.Sc.PT

Locations: Montreal clinic and online

Speaks: English, French, Mandarin

Zhen obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from McGill University. Zhen worked with world-class researchers during his years at McGill to push the boundaries of neuroscience and physical therapy. Some of the topics he worked on and studied include the consolidation of motor memory, the effects of high-intensity interval training, an algorithm to predict walking in people post-stroke and much more. 

Zhen received multiple bursaries from McGill Faculty of Medicine to conduct his research and also received a bursary to conduct research internationally at LMU Munich in Germany. By choosing Zhen, you will get the latest science-based guidance for your condition. You will get an approach focused on getting results using the scientific method.

Using the McKenzie-MDT approach (Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy), you will get a clearer understanding of your condition and what are the next steps you can take to move towards your goal. Whether your goal is walking, skiing, golfing or reducing your pain, with Zhen, you will get the personalized recommendation tailored to you.

In his spare time, Zhen enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing basketball in summer, snowboarding in winter and oil painting.

Dimitri Dragutan

Physiotherapist, B.Sc.PT, Dip. McKenzie-MDT, Cert. MAC Network

Locations: Montreal clinic, mobile visits, online

Speaks: English, French, Romanian, Russian.

Physiotherapy graduate from McGill University in 2009, Dimitri participates regularly in the physiotherapy symposiums at the national and international levels. Before discovering the McKenzie Method, he completed the manual therapy courses with the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA: Level I, Level II Upper Extremities, and Level II Lower Extremities; courses with Bahram Jam (Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute), Shirley Sahrmann (Movement System Impairment Syndromes), Jeremy Lewis (shoulder specialization), and other post-graduate courses.

The implementation of this innovative expertise known as McKenzie-MDT allowed for a surprising improvement in the quality of care towards his patients. Dimitri then obtained his MDT Certification/Credentialing Exam in 2015. In 2016 he was selected among 20worldwide participants to undergo the highest training available from the McKenzie Institute International: the MDT Diploma Programme. After passing the theoretical semester in 2016, Dimitri successfully completed the clinical semester in the UK in 2017. This intensive training then culminated with the two-day International MDT Diploma Examination in San Francisco.

In regards to sports and extracurricular activities, Dimitri enjoys latin and ballroom dancing at a competitive level for over 10 years, equestrian jumping and dressage, table tennis, kitesurfing, and other sports. Dimitri also successfully completed the Royal Canadian Army Cadets program, finishing in the highest position of his Regiment with numerous distinctions, including the Strathcona Medal and the Military Parachutist Certification – one of the toughest courses in the Canadian Forces.