Sebastien Weber

Physiotherapist, B.Sc.Kin, M.Sc(A)PT, McKenzie-MDT Part A-B-C-D-E, Cert. IMC-OAC (Outcomes Accountable Care)

Locations: Montreal clinic and online

Speaks: English, French

Since an early age, Sebastien has had a keen interest in pain and injury management. He completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver British Columbia. He chose advanced exercise prescription as the focus of his undergraduate studies, concentrating on tailoring strengthening and cardiovascular training regimens to those with injuries and chronic illness. Aligning with his passion, his undergraduate research project centered on optimal rehabilitation for athletes with lumbar disc injuries.

After his undergraduate, Sebastien moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, where he received his Master of Physiotherapy degree. His Master’s further cemented his passion for pain management and his research focused on faulty movement patterns of those with low back pain.

In addition to manual therapy and sports therapy, Sebastien also uses the McKenzie MDT method to deliver rapid and long-lasting results to patients. Sebastien always incorporates a biopsychosocial approach to patient care, to see a person from a more holistic lens and to help the patient becomes an active participant in their recovery. In the clinic, he strives to ensure a high quality of care when treating patients, constantly re-evaluating his treatment procedures, all while tailoring to the personal needs of each individual patient.

Sebastien has a special interest in chronic back and neck pain, and regularly attends conferences, continuing-education webinars, and post-graduate courses to stay up to date with the latest scientific literature.

On his days off, Sebastien enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, and skiing.

physio physiotherapy physical therapy physiothérapie clinique certifiée méthode McKenzie MDT method certified clinic

Adriel Ho

Physiotherapist, B.Sc.PT, M.Sc(A)PT, candidate for the McKenzie-MDT Cert. and the IMC-OAC Cert. (Outcomes Accountable Care)

Locations: Montreal clinic, St-Lambert clinic, online, and mobile visits

Speaks: English, French

Adriel was immersed in the world of competitive soccer at an early age and encountered many injuries when he first encountered physical therapy. His problem-solving mind and desire to help people led him to pursue studies in health sciences.

He attended McGill University where he was admitted into the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy program and later on obtained his degree of Master of Science in Physiotherapy. During his studies, he developed an interest in low back pain having completed research on movement for those with low back pain.

Not satisfied with just the standard base of manual therapy skills taught at school, Adriel sought to complete his internship at Expertise Physio where he enhanced his skills using the McKenzie-MDT method to deliver better assessments to identify the root cause of the pain to then deliver more effective treatments and higher quality care than conventional physiotherapy.

Adriel believes that rehabilitation is best when physios help patients find the key to turning off their pain and taking an active role in their treatment, where the therapist is just the catalyst that allows patients to work toward their goals and become independent.

During his spare time, Adriel loves going on walks and hikes, where you’ll most likely find him a few paces back often stopping along to take a photograph.

Audrey Melançon - kinésiologue et future physiothérapeute chez Expertise Physio - clinique certifiée McKenzie MDT Certified Clinic

Audrey Melançon

Kinesiologist (B.Sc.Kin) and future Physiotherapist (McGill 2024), candidate for the McKenzie-MDT Cert. and the IMC-OAC Cert. (Outcomes Accountable Care)

Locations: Montreal clinic, online, and mobile visits

Speaks: English, French

Passionate about movement and health from a young age, Audrey Melançon found her calling in the field of physiotherapy. Already holding a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Audrey is currently in the final year of her Master’s in Physiotherapy at McGill University, with graduation expected in 2024, and has a great enthusiasm for clinical practice.

Heavily involved in the world of sports since childhood, Audrey followed an educational path in sports studies, exploring disciplines such as dance and swimming. Her years of experience as a coach in various sports and as a kinesiologist have given her a deep understanding of human movement and sports performance.

Audrey also completed a comprehensive internship under the guidance of Expertise Physio, thus further enhancing her skills in physiotherapy. She skillfully combines her training in kinesiology with the knowledge gained in her Master’s in Physiotherapy, using the musculoskeletal diagnostic system McKenzie-MDT to provide targeted treatments and personalized follow-ups. Through the use of this system, she places great importance on active listening and adopts a patient-centered approach to meet each individual’s goals.

During her final year of physiotherapy training, Audrey selected elective courses such as “Sports Physiotherapy” and “Advanced Manual Therapy”, demonstrating her commitment to acquiring advanced skills to provide optimal quality care.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Audrey remains a sports and health enthusiast. She engages in road cycling, swimming, running, and CrossFit. Outdoor activities like snowboarding and hiking also hold a special place in her free time.

Looking ahead, Audrey aspires to combine her passions for movement, health, and physiotherapy to help patients reach their full potential in well-being and performance.

Dimitri Dragutan

Physiotherapist, B.Sc.PT, Dip. McKenzie-MDT, Cert. IMC-OAC (Outcomes Accountable Care)

Locations: Montreal, St-Lambert, online, and mobile visits

Speaks: English, French, Romanian, Russian

Physiotherapy graduate from McGill University in 2009, Dimitri participates regularly in physiotherapy symposiums at the national and international levels. This allows him to stay up to date with the latest research and evidence-based practice guidelines.

Before discovering the McKenzie Method, he completed multiple manual therapy courses with the AQPMA (Quebec Association of Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy), post-graduate courses by Bahram Jam (Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute), Shirley Sahrmann (Movement System Impairment Syndromes system), Jeremy Lewis (shoulder classification & treatment), and other.

As he was advancing through the McKenzie-MDT courses, Dimitri became much better at problem-solving differential diagnosis problems and at offering much better solutions for spine, muscles, and joint problems. This led to a rapid improvement in his results as well as in the recovery speed of many of his patients. Dimitri then pursued this path further and obtained his MDT Certification in 2015. Then in 2016, he was selected among only 20 experienced clinicians worldwide to undergo the highest training available from the McKenzie Institute International: the MDT Diploma Program. After passing the theoretical semester, Dimitri successfully completed the practical internship in the UK in 2017. This intensive training culminated with a two-day International Diploma Examination in San Francisco. He is now among 19 clinicians in Canada to possess this international title and advanced expertise in the musculoskeletal field.

With regards to sports and extracurricular activities, Dimitri enjoys ballroom dancing (Latin & Standard) at a competitive level for over 10 years, equestrian jumping and classic dressage, table tennis, and others.

Dimitri also successfully completed the Royal Canadian Army Cadets program, finishing in the highest position of his regiment with numerous distinctions, including the Strathcona Medal (1 per regiment) and the Major-General W. A. Howard Award (1 per province). The most demanding accomplishment physically and mentally was being selected among the 50 most physically fit cadets in Canada and then completing (among only 38) the Military Parachutist Airborne Course with the Canadian Armed Forces.