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All patients are welcome: private patients with or without insurance, CNESST patients (work related accidents), and SAAQ patients (automobile related accidents), students, and Canadian Armed Forces. 

No, since we are a private clinic, a medical prescription is not required in order to see us as a private patient. However, certain insurance companies may require a medical prescription in order to reimburse your treatments. You can find more information about your insurance coverage and requirements in your company’s health insurance brochure.

For CNESST (work related accidents) and SAAQ (automobile related accident) patients – a doctor’s prescription is required before seeing us.

No, since we are a private clinic, medicare does not cover for these services. The only exception where a patient doesn’t have to pay is if you have been involved in a work accident (sessions paid by the CNESST if case is approved) or if you were involved in an automobile accident (sessions paid by the SAAQ if case is approved).

Physiotherapy is almost always covered by private or work insurance coverage. Our clinic can charge the insurance company directly (we will need your policy group and certificate numbers) and depending on your coverage, you might have to pay the difference (which is tax deductible at the end of the year).  We cover most insurance companies such as Manulife, Canada Life, Sunlife, Medavie-Blue Cross, Industrial Alliance, and others. We also accept students that are covered by Student Care (ASEQ).

If you have been involved in a work accident the sessions are paid by the CNESST.

If you were involved in an automobile accident the sessions are partially paid by the SAAQ once the case is approved.

We also accept Canadian Armed Forces – sessions are covered by the Blue Cross.

Yes, since Physiotherapy Services are considered medical services, you can deduct your physiotherapy receipts as medical expenses from taxes at the end of the year.

Yes, we provide mobile services. Call us to find out if your location is within driving distance. No need to worry, we bring all the necessary equipment and this service is also available on weekends.

If you have access to internet, video, and sound (can be by computer or cellphone) we can easily conduct evaluations and treatments for the majority of musculoskeletal problems. On many occasions patients can perform the correct movements on their own very effectively or sometimes with the help of a family member. What is more important though, is to know which if the problem is mechanical, if it will respond to movement, and which is the right movement to perform – and this is what the therapist will help you determine.

This depends on the body part that you are seen for. As a general rule, the clothes should allow easy access for the therapist to see the area that is problematic. If you are coming for a running biomechanics evaluation, don’t forget to bring the shoes that you normally run in.

During the first visit the therapist will first conduct the history portion where he/she will ask you some questions about the problem (how long has the pain been present, what provokes it or turns it off, questions about your activities, etc.) in order to determine if the problem is appropriate for therapy. The second part will consist of performing certain tests, movements, and positions that will allow the therapist to analyse the problem and determine what it will or won’t respond to. Once the therapist understands what is the source of the problem, what category it belongs in, he/she will explain to you what needs to be done, or he/she might send you home to perform a test movement for a few days – which will help him/her clarify the most effective treatment options for your specific case.

We do not employ physical rehabilitation therapists (technicians). At our clinic all sessions are one-on-one with a licensed physiotherapist. Also, the clinician does not treat multiple patients during the same session, this way you get the full undivided attention of a highly skilled therapist at every visit.