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why choose us?

A Different Philosophy

Our philosophy is to resolve a client’s problem in as few visits as possible, as well as to support their independence from a therapist, medication, or invasive interventions.
We also believe that honesty is the best policy, and we guarantee not to prolong therapy if it is unnecessary.
We achieve this through competent assessments and targeted interventions as well as patient education and empowerment with effective self-treatment tools.

Our Unique Competence

All our therapists are Certified McKenzie-MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy). Additionally, there are only 5 therapists in Quebec who have reached the highest international training: the McKenzie-MDT Diploma Level and we are proud to have 3 of them on our team.
Our physiotherapists are among the highest-trained in their field. They practice with confidence and experience.
Our evaluation and treatment method is internationally standardized and reliable, which allows us to provide a clear prognosis and clear solutions.

A Personalized Approach

Mechanical Therapy is the combination of scientific rigour and the art of working with people. At Expertise Physio, we aim to excel in both.
Health is not only the absence of pain, but also a state of physical and mental well-being that allows someone to perform their work, sports, or leisure activities. Guiding you toward these goals is always part of our personalized approach.
We also offer guidance on lifestyle practices (such as nutrition, sleep, exercise programs, etc.) as these are important factors of health and well-being.

Based on Scientific Research

We are proud to use only the most current treatment methods, which have evolved significantly in the last several years.
We make it a priority to keep up-to-date with the latest research and we adapt our interventions as science progresses.
All our therapists maintain their McKenzie-MDT Certification up to standard and participate in courses as well as at national and international conferences on a regular basis.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer high-quality customer service, and our clients save time and money through the rapid results often achieved.
We have established relationships of trust with doctors who recommend us because we provide an honest and effective musculoskeletal expertise to quickly identify those who respond to mechanical therapy (thus avoiding unnecessary imaging, medication, injections, or surgery).
We are proud to have built a reputation of excellence in this field.

An internationally recognized seal of excellence.

One of only 2 McKeznie-MDT Certified Clinics in Quebec.